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President Liu Hong received a delegation from the Department of International Affairs, Ministry of Education

President Liu Hong received a delegation from the Department of International Affairs, Ministry of Education

In order to promote the high-quality development of sino-foreign cooperative education and guide the accelerated development of sino-foreign cooperative education in our school, on September 7th, Director MAO Dongmin, Director of foreign Supervision and Education Office of International Affairs Department of The Ministry of Education, led a delegation to our school to conduct research on sino-foreign cooperative education. Principal Liu Hong, vice principal Jiang Fengchun and relevant department heads participated in the work survey.

Principal Liu Hong first welcomed Director MAO Dongmin and his delegation, and gave a detailed introduction to our school's international running situation, the progress of sino-foreign cooperative running project and the future development plan. She says she is under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and the education department of liaoning province, in April 2021 our school's first chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools undergraduate education project was successfully approved. Spanish professional undergraduate course education project was jointly run by Al Carla university of Spain and Dalian University of Foreign Languages, at present the first batch of students enrollment started smoothly, and formal operation in September also began successfully.

At the same time, as the chairman unit of the Sco Chinese Program University Presidents' Committee and the School of the Chinese President's Office, the university has a solid foundation and professional advantages in exchanges with Russia. In the future, the university will actively cooperate with Russian universities to prepare for and apply for chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions in advantageous majors in accordance with the guiding ideology of the State oriented towards Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and the working principles of chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in minor languages. Chinese-foreign cooperation in running a school is an important platform for our school to implement the "New Liberal arts" construction project and cultivate international talents with global thinking and international vision, guided by the northeast region to actively integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction. The university will foster new growth points of disciplines through sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, explore new development paths, and actively promote international exchanges and cooperation in national higher education while realizing high-quality development of the university.

Director MAO Dongmin thanked our school for the warm reception, and fully affirmed our school's achievements in the fields of international education and sino-foreign cooperation in education. Director MAO Dongmin said that sino-foreign cooperation in running schools has entered a development period of improving quality and efficiency, and the Party's education policy should be fully implemented under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Dalian university of foreign studies should combine national minority language talent strategic needs, using the advantages of disciplines and high-quality platform, such as the sco university to chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools is integrated into the school development strategic planning, to enhance the level of school teaching and scientific research and teaching staff construction, actively to cultivate inter-disciplinary talent "small language + professional".

Through this work survey, the school clearly defines the ideas of international education in the future, and will effectively broaden the talent training channels, highlight the international characteristics, fully implement the new development concept, and transform the new development concept into the mechanism, methods and actions of the school's open education work, and further stimulate the innovation vitality of Chinese and foreign cooperation talents. (Prince Mu)