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The school held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control

The school held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control

In order to implement the relevant requirements of the Province and City on epidemic prevention and control during the National Day and consolidate the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, the university held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control on the morning of September 30 to report the recent situation of epidemic prevention and control, and arrange the security, stability and epidemic prevention and control work of the university during the National Day 2021. Members of the university's leading group for epidemic prevention and control, party and government leaders, deputy secretaries in charge of student affairs and all counselors attended the meeting. Vice President Jiang Fengchun and Secretary tang Erli of the Commission for Discipline Inspection attended the meeting and spoke.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, students who violated the regulations on epidemic prevention and control were reported to the meeting, and the problems of concealing and failing to report in the recent investigation of teachers and students were analyzed. The meeting urged all teachers and students to take heed of the warning, further strengthen the awareness of rules and discipline, and all units to strengthen the management of teachers and students' travel during the National Day holiday, and put the school epidemic prevention and control measures in place to prevent such incidents from happening again.

As the National Day holiday approaches, the epidemic prevention and control situation remains grim and complex, the meeting said, urging all members of the university to stay on top of the epidemic prevention and control situation, overcome paralysis, war-weariness, fluke mentality and relaxation mentality, and build a solid defense line against the epidemic. The university encourages teachers and students to take vacations on site. Teachers and staff should not leave Dalian unless necessary. It is strictly forbidden to go to key areas in China. It is necessary to strengthen the management of teachers' and students' trips, accurately grasp the information of teachers' and students' trips during festivals, and ensure accurate data statistics.

At the same time, to sum up experience, learn lessons, in view of the shortcomings and flaws exposed in the early stage, timely improve the management mechanism and flow adjustment mechanism of the unit, enhance the sense of responsibility. In strict accordance with the requirements of Liaoning Province, all travel cards of teachers and students returning to school after the Holiday should be checked, and nucleic acid test reports 48 hours before school entry and after arrival should be strictly reviewed. Rich and colorful cultural and sports activities should be carried out to pay attention to students' mental health. Catering, bath, supermarket, express delivery, apartment and other logistics services to ensure adequate supply of campus supplies. It is necessary to strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty system of leading cadres to effectively maintain campus security and stability.

The meeting stressed that epidemic prevention and control is a major political task of the university at present, and all units and departments of the university should give epidemic prevention and control priority and further improve their political position. First, we should understand political responsibility correctly. All party members and cadres should be clear about their political responsibilities, uphold the attitude of being responsible to teachers and students, strengthen party spirit, enhance work ability, and improve their comprehensive quality. Second, we must shoulder political responsibility. The whole school should further strengthen the sense of responsibility, pay attention to the implementation of the work, reward and punishment clearly, with the most resolute attitude, the strictest requirements, the most prompt action to treat the epidemic prevention and control work. Third, we need to consolidate political responsibility. All units and departments should comb out the problems in the early stage, rectify them seriously, consolidate their responsibilities and get to the end. At the same time, we should continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work during holidays, timely upload and release information, timely pay attention to the situation of the epidemic, timely pay attention to the whereabouts of teachers and students, ensure that the standard does not drop, the intensity does not decrease, prudent, strict and solid epidemic prevention and control work during the holidays, to ensure the health of teachers and students and campus safety. (Kim Sin Woo)